About us

Welcome to Arise Monalisa Foundation AMF.

Founded by multi-award winning actress Monalisa Chinda Coker, the Arise Monalisa Foundation (AMF) is an Africa-based not-for-profit institution dedicated to inspiring hope, promoting creativity and creating opportunities for the less privileged across the continent.

2021 World Lupus day sensitization and awareness in Nigeria organisers, Arise Monalisa Foundation team after the successful symposium at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja on May 10th, 2021    

Our Core Areas:

Youth Development

We work with various Organizations, School and Churches to access the young, and support them with mentoring or resources for a brighter future.

Women Empowerment

We have a network rich outreach system to support women, widows and women prisoners. We support financial empowerment for trade.


We work with varied Orphanages across Lagos to ease the burden of support within. Supplies are made and assistance provided.

We Find & Fund

We Educate

We Provide Care

We Consult

World Lupus Day 2021, Arise Monalisa Foundation Rises to The Occasion

Another collaboration with The Maman Marshal foundation! Hajia Asia Elrufai, Kaduna State